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Agricultural Commodities

PPM Consulting has been working with the main worldwide suppliers of Agricultural Commodities, most of them with shares negotiated in Stock Markets. Being one of the prominent Agricultural Food Products Suppliers, we are mostly focused on market niches for container loads. The prices of these commodities change on a daily basis and follow the respective Stock Market, either Chicago, London, New York, etc. Buyers pay directly to the suppliers and pre-payments are always required to fix the prices. We are one of the reliable Wholesale Agriculture Commodity Suppliers. We have a wide variety of Agricultural Commodities to offer to customers. Our entire range of products is competitively priced.

Agricultural Commodities we deal with
  • Crude Degummed and Refined Soybean oil in flexitanks (Non GMO and Regular) or bottled
  • Crude Groundnut oil
  • Yellow Corn
  • Soybean Meal 46% and 48%
  • Groundnut meal 50%
  • Soybeans
  • Rice
  • Pulses and Beans
  • Cashew Nuts
  • Sugar IC 150
  • Milk Powder (FCMP, SMP, Fat Filled)
  • Instant Coffee from Brazil Freeze Dried (powder and granulated)
  • Instant Spray Dried Coffee from Brazil (powder and granulated)
  • Instant Freeze Dried Coffee from Brazil
  • Meat Bone Meal 45%
  • Blood Meal 70-80-70%
  • Poultry Meal 55%
  • Feather Meal 78%


Brazil is one the three largest producers of corn in the world. One of the main applications of Yellow Corn is as animal feed. PPM Consulting works with the reliable vendors in the market and has emerged as one of the trusted Yellow Corn Suppliers in Brazil. As reliable Brazilian Yellow Corn Suppliers, we ensure that the Yellow Corn provided by us

Brazil is one of the main Soybean Meal Suppliers and PPM Consulting provides Soybean Meal with 46% and 48% protein content. Also known as Soybean Oil Cake, this meal is obtained as a solid residue by-product while extracting soybean oil.

Soybean meal is widely used as an animal feed. It offers greater nutritional performance for

Brazil and the USA are the main growers of soybeans in the world. In the last three decades in Brazil soy corresponds to 49 % of the planted area in the country's grain . The increase in productivity is associated to technological advances, the management and efficiency of producers. The grain is an essential component in the manufacture of animal

Obtained from the selected soybean seeds, the Soybean Oil offered by us is one of the most common edible cooking oils. PPM Consulting sources this oil mainly from trusted vendors in Brazil and exports across the globe. We can provide Soybean Oil in Flexitank and Soybean Oil in Isobag in bulk quantities. As trusted Refined Soybean Oil Suppliers, we

If you are looking for the leading Rice Supplier in Brazil or from other South American and Asian origins, then choose PPM Consulting. The varieties, offered by the company, comprise Parboiled rice from Brazil or Asia, Long Grain White Rice, Jasmine Rice and Broken Rice. We always look for the best commodity for our clients in terms of quality,

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