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Soybean Meal

Brazil is one of the main Soybean Meal Suppliers and PPM Consulting provides Soybean Meal with 46% and 48% protein content. Also known as Soybean Oil Cake, this meal is obtained as a solid residue by-product while extracting soybean oil.

Soybean meal is widely used as an animal feed. It offers greater nutritional performance for animals, due to the high protein, resulting in a low comparative costs and better efficiency in subsequent productive chains. The Hipro Soybean Meal in Containers provided by us is competitively priced. We offer several payment options for the convenience of our clients. We ensure timely delivery.

Trade Details:
  • Prices follow CBOT +/- local basis with daily changes.
  • 25-28 MT per 20'/40'/HQ at seller's option
  • Minimum order: 500 MT
  • Delivery Condition: CFR
  • Payment terms: Prepayment, LC or CAD subject to approval

Specifications for Soybean Meal in Containers 46% Protein (ANEC 71):
  • Basis: % protein and fat combined but maximum 2% fat, Maximum 3% deficiency beyond contractually agreed specification for protein and fat combined
  • Basis: 12.5% moisture, maximum 13%
  • Basis: 7% fiber, maximum 1% excess
  • Basis: 1% sand and silica, maximum 2%
  • Maximum: 7% ash
  • Maximum urease activity: 0.5 mg/N/G/MIN at 30 degrees centigrade

Specifications for Hipro Soybean Meal in Containers 48% Protein (ANEC 73):
  • Basis: 48.00% protein , minimum 47.00%
  • Basis: 12,50% moisture, maximum 13.00%
  • Basis: 3.50% fiber, maximum 4.50%
  • Basis: 1.00% sand/silica, maximum 2.00%
  • Maximum: 7.00% ashes
  • Maximum Urease Activity: 0.50 mg/N/G/MIN at 30 degrees centigrade

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