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PPM Consulting Ltda


Brazil is the 4th largest exporter of biscuits in the world and reaches all continents. Quality and diversity of products are recognized and valued by customers around the world.


  • Sandwich Biscuits

    Sandwich Biscuits

    We have delicious sandwich biscuits with flavors of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, lemon

  • Cracker Biscuits

    Cracker Biscuits

    We produce traditional Water and Salt and Cream Crackers. They are delights that go perfectly with breakfast, afternoon and night meals. We have plain and special versions like butter, Light, whole with Sesame.

  • Wafer Biscuits

    Wafer Biscuits

    The wafer biscuits are remarkable for the layers of thin and crunchy layers and with a creamy filling of different flavors, such as chocolate, strawberry, lemon, coconut, white chocolate, chocolate with strawberry

  • Maria Biscuits

    Maria Biscuits

    Maria is a round biscuit of traditional formulation with a light vanilla and milk flavor

  • Stick Rolls

    Stick Rolls

    One of the most delicious cookie filled with chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. Great to have with coffee and tea.

  • Donuts


    Donut is a traditional round biscuit available in different flavors such as chocolate, milk, coconut, lemon, banana with cinnamon.