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PPM Consulting Ltda


Since we started working as a brokerage company, we have strengthened the partnership with our suppliers, being responsible for opening and attending new markets and clients. PPM has been originating all kinds of food products from different origins and we have been exporting to clients all over the world.


  • Alfredo Sauce

    Alfredo Sauce

    Premium Alfredo Sauce with mild flavor of parmesan. Creamy sauce produced with Uruguayan Parmesan, sour cream, black pepper and nutmeg. Gluten-free. Ideal for use in pasta and various dishes.

  • Barbecue Sauce

    Barbecue Sauce

    Product made from tomato pulp mixed with other ingredients. Smoked flavor and creamy consistency. Great for consumption with snacks, meat and varied dishes. nice packaging design. Packaging with cap with valve to prevent product leak.

  • Four Cheese Sauce

    Four Cheese Sauce

    Premium Four Cheese sauce is made with sour cream, spices and cheeses: Parmesan, Danbo, Blue (Gorgonzola) and Cheddar (all imported from Uruguay). Intense and creamy flavor. Gluten-free. Perfect for use in lasagna, rondelli and various types of

  • Garlic Sauce

    Garlic Sauce

    Garlic sauce can be used in meat, as seasoning of various dishes, like meat, chicken, fish, pâtés or salads. Garlic is used for centuries as a spice and food medicinal because of its health benefits.

  • Guava Paste

    Guava Paste

    Guava Paste is a sweet made with guava and sugar. It goes very well with cheese, cakes, pastries and pies. 

  • Guava Shells in Syrup

    Guava Shells in Syrup

    Guava shells are soft, skinless and seedless! Ideal for fruit salads, fillings, pies and ice cream.

  • Ketchup


    We have a great line of Ketchups made from tomato, without any addition of starch, with great texture, color, taste and nice packaging design and cap with valve to prevent product leak.

    There are

  • Mayonnaise


    We produce high quality mayonnaises available with different flavor. They are products resulting from mixture of emulsified ingredients, with chicken eggs free from cages and all with great packaging design and cap with valve to prevent product

  • Mild Pepper Sauce

    Mild Pepper Sauce

    The mild pepper sauces are indicated for those who are starting to consume peppers, as there is a nice mild spicy and also recommended for those who like the light flavor of the pepper seasoning their daily dish.

  • Mustard


    Yellow mustard is a prepared condiment, without the addition of starch, obtained by grinding in stone mills and macerating the mustard seeds and mixing with the other ingredients. Intense flavor!!  Great packaging design and cap with valve

  • Pickled Chillies

    Pickled Chillies

    For lovers of pickled chillies, we have some varieties from Brazil that are widely consumed and exported to all continents.

    We have 4 chillies available: Comari, Red Malagueta, Green Malagueta and Baiana.

    The true comari

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